Imagining Without Limits: How Do We Get Back To Using What Adulthood Takes From Us?   by   Ruth Utnage

As a child I could do anything I wanted. Not literally, in my imagination. I could see myself flying and even tried to make my own wings. One time in school I thought I could run so fast I gave it all I got, I tried, which was funny because I was quite the butterball. I could travel anywhere, be whoever I wanted and I could see it all too, vividly.

As adults we tend to reject imagination as a means to make room for maturity. “Let’s try” gets replaced with “I can’t” and “I can do anything” gets exchanged for “That’s impossible”. This limits us in what we try. If we don’t ‘try’, we certainly can’t ‘do’.

At some point we all had vivid dreams and hopes, things that made us so joyful to think about that it was difficult to contain our glee. Our bodies became little sparks if energy, little bursts of hope. It’s like our souls still sang.

Now, think about what makes your soul sing. If you don’t have an answer, that’s a problem. What makes you absolutely giddy, what makes you so joyful that not smiling and laughing is…not going to happen?

Let me ask you this, when will you decide that nothing is impossible for you?

I’m working on imagining more. How about you?

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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