Dog Graduation #39   by   Marshall Byers

It’s always difficult to describe what exactly goes on at our life changing graduations. However, I do have great news. Every three months at Monroe Corrections Center/Twin River Unit the public is welcomed to attend.. Just email ahead of time, and prepare to be inspired, positively influenced and have your heart grow four times its normal size.

During our group demo, I had the pleasure of being the acting town veterinarian. Yeah, I had a white doctors smock on…although it was three sizes to big. The handler’s walking with their service dogs (mostly level one) approached a set of stairs and bench. They cued the dogs one by one up on the “vets table/bench”, then I put my arm/hand out which was also a cue for the dogs to place their cute little faces in my hand so I could check their teeth. Soooooo much fun!

Compassion for all,
Marshall Byers

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