I’m Livin’ My Best Life People (and I don’t care who doesn’t like it!)   by    Ruth Utnage

Your girl Ruth is in love with life, that’s right, your girl is referring to herself in third person. Life is amazing and it has been for years. It’s all about perspective and baby, your girl is so free this whole world can’t contain me, I’m just too big for this little ole’ rock.

The walls swell and flex against my presence, I walk with my head held high because I am soo worth it. I came in the ugly duckling but I’m leaving the beautiful swan. I came in crawling on my belly straight out of the pit of darkness but I’m flying high in the light and I ain’t never comin’ down. Never.

Yeah, I’m smart, not afraid to say it anymore. Yeah, I’m single and proud of it because the lames around here aren’t good enough. I’m strong, beautiful, and finally going places!

Living my absolute best life and I’m still in prison!

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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