Will This Matter One Hundred Years From Now?    by    Marshall Byers

When I get really stressed out I pull my notes out. I keep important reminders in my pocket. My short term memory has a funny since of humor. For instance, I’ll put my clothes in the wash and forget to take out my important notes, therefore having to rewrite my notes all over again, because paper and water equal lumpy lint balls! Anyway, this would be a great time to plug my stress reliever.

When I overwhelm myself with to much, or have thoughts like, “what will happen if…”, ” What if he/she says no…or yes”, and my favorite, the fear of missing out (F.O.M.O). This is why I said my short term memory has a since of humor, because it usually takes me getting stuck in my head for a spell before I remember to pull out my notes. As soon as I see my handy dandy note that reads, “Will This Matter One Hundred Years From Now?” I immediately let go of whatever “it” was that had me on spin cycle.

I Love My Life,
Marshall Byers


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