New HumanMe Writers Coming Soon!!!    by    Ruth Utnage

I love love love meeting new people and I love sharing this wonderfully human experience on with people who are doing the right thing in a place where it is so easy to give up. Those of us who have made it clear that we are not leaving this place unchanged for the better, we tend to find one another. It’s kind of like we hold torches and as we traverse the darkness our eyes walk toward the light of our fellow torch bearers. It’s always like finding family.

As always our writers are carefully vetted as shining examples of what rehabilitation looks like. We are the overlooked, the top percentile of inmates who have made it our life’s work to be better human beings, no gangs, no violence, giving back wherever we can and sometimes when it hurts a little. We practice no segregation, sexism, class ism, and do not judge people based on crime. We simply watch to see how an individual acts and responds to potentially negative situations over time.

The men and women that I shared this experience with are people whom I love, genuinely. They are people who have turned the other cheek, in a literal sense. They have given up power and influence, walked away from negative ties like gangs and even family. They search deep within themselves to find flaws and negative traits and they actually work on them. They make time for others, even when they don’t have it and most importantly, they love other people, even if nobody else does. They think for themselves and for a greater purpose and because of that, I will give them everything I know how to give in hopes that you will hear them, us, and share our stories, as a very HumanMe.

We will make you laugh, we will make you cry. We will inspire you and sometimes challenge you. But know that all we want in the end is to love and be loved in return.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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