Positive Problems   by    Marshall Byers

Here is an update on my studies. Three days a week I meet with a math tutor. Two days a week I attend Defy Ventures. Every Sunday I attend Toastmasters. I’m learning a second (Greek) language, which seems to be very difficult without anything audio, so I found a prisoner that is willing to help, along with a “how to speak Greek” book. I quilt four nights a week. I run three miles five days a week around the track, attend the weigh room for kettlebell workouts and wind sprints from one end to the other so I can dust my kids when I come home!

I help others with writing resumes, release plans, goal setting and encourage positive behavior. I also like to meet with guys for mock job interviews. I have a ton of homework, so if guys want help they know I set time aside throughout the week, and if they really want help they will meet up with me…I love to see people take their prison time seriously. Today I have orientation for a year long college class. Computer Programming/Web Developing. Wow, this is a big step for me. This will occupy a lot of time, five days a week from 12:30-3:30. Fingers crossed in hopes of receiving laptops for in cell studies.

In between all of my daily studies and positive problem solving, I learned how to moon walk…yeah, that’s right! Although my prison cell floor is only eight feet long, I just turn at the end and come back! A positive attitude is worth more than gold.

I Love My Life,
Marshall Byers


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