Friend or Foe    by    Marshall Byers

Early this morning I reached under the bunk for my running shoes, in the process of doing this, I felt something graze my finger. Yeah, I overreacted. I fell backwards hitting my head on the toilet. Spiders freak me out, and I’ve watched way to many movies, so my imagination gets me spooked even more. I turned on the overhead light, slowly crouching down to see this unwelcome house guest. The moment my eyes recognized the creepy species, I began to laugh out loud.

The night before I was eating jellybeans…I had forgotten one slipped out of my hand and rolled under the bunk. I do remember thinking, “I’ll get that latter”. After receiving a lump on my head, I thought it only made since to eat the “spider” jellybean. Yeah, I know I didn’t use the six second rule, but I couldn’t let that yummy jellybean go to waste. (it was a purple one)

With love,
Marshall Byers

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