A Successful 2019 and Looking At My Vision For 2020   by   Ruth Utnage

In just a few days I get to say “I get out next year!”. That’s quite a milestone for me because it has been a long ride. My release date is November 13th 2021, but it is the following year nonetheless. I’ll take it!

This year has brought me other great achievements as well. I created a vision board instead of a New Year’s resolution and accomplished mostly all of what I set out to do. Read 25 books, check. Get HumanMe operational, check. Begin HRT, not quite, however, I did get approved just a few days ago so…check. I completed an educational pathway for Toastmasters, and then another and then another, earning 3 Triple Crown speaking awards in a single year, I am the first of our club to do so. I also hit my weight goal and then surpassed it by 8 pounds, check.

There is a few things I didn’t accomplish. like getting 1 new visitor. Right now my Mother is my only visitor, but our visits are not nearly often enough, I’d like to get more community interaction and the only way for me to do that is through visitations. So that will carry over into my 2020 vision board.

At the beginning of the new year I will post my process for creating a vision board and my vision board contents for the new year, you should play along and see how it differs from that boring ole’ resolution stuff.

With Love

Ruth Utnage

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