Interview #1   by   Marshall Byers

Name: J.E.
1) Goal?
2) Why is it important to you?
3) What steps are you taking?
4) What’s your outlook if you fall short?
5) Is there more then one way to accomplish this goal?

This was incredible just connecting with someone I hardly know. His goal is to someday walk again. Apparently J.E. came into prison after receiving back surgery. Having no physical therapy while incarcerated has kept him in a wheelchair. This goal is important because he can be more independent, feel better about himself, and be able to contribute more effectively. He gets out in ten months, his family doctor is tracking his release date. J.E. is willing to become more healthy leading up to his next surgery, eating better and working out his upper body. Overall self care, self love and writing his future goals on paper for inspiration.

I connected with empathy, passion and love for J.E. Even now as I type I’m feeling affection because my need for understanding and consideration was met tonight. Heck Yeah.

With Compassion,
Marshall Byers


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