Evolving HumanMe     by    Ruth Utnage

I would like to evolve HumanMe into being the Wikipedia of prisoner rehabilitation and information. For instance, Google how many felons are alive and exist in the United States currently, nobody publishes that number. I’ve done estimates according to the 2019 Almanac, which led me to an estimated 69,000,000 felons exist in the United States today.

However, I want concrete numbers and I want to publish them. I want them to be easily accessible, so easy that they become household figures. Of a national population of 324,000,000 plus million people in the US, 69,000,000 of them have been convicted of a felony since 1980. Oh, I guess I should mention that both figures are conservative estimates.

Besides being a hub of accurate information I want the public to have a direct voice in community corrections. To see for themselves what is possible in mankind. They’ve already seen the worst of prison, there are an abundance of filmmakers who have made millions from the displays of violence behind some walls, National Geographic and MSNBC, to name a few…which, I find deplorable, BTW. But I have never even heard if one that speaks strictly on the positive that happens. The rehabilitation. Since nobody’s doing that, I’ll put it out in writing and I’ll do it for the rest of my life.

Once I’m out I will write and I will scour the millions of inmates for those top 15% that refuse to conform to prison mentalities that include drug use, gangs, violence and any other antisocial nonsense that these places breed. Together, we can turn this from a place of anticultural marginalization to a place of prosocial rehabilitation that truly lives up to its newest Mission.

And I’m going to do it through HumanMe.org.

But we have to start somewhere. A simple blog with some amazing people to write on it, with some amazing volunteers to administrate over it and the occasional web developer who can donate a little time to help upgrade a little here and a little there. Slowly, we will evolve into the Wikipedia of prisoner rehabilitation and information.

We are looking to build a Board of Directors who can help sharpen this image and provide their talents. I need a consistent developer who can communicate with me regularly and we need someone to handle the promotion and PR of HumanMe. That’s a humble start, obviously more talent could be useful, but this is the bottom line of what I need, a platform and someone to amplify it.

What began as lgbtqprisonsupport.com has become humanme.org and together, we’ll change the culture of this place.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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