TO BE DIFFERENT IS TO BE YOU!    by    Quinton

We’ll, I’ll begin by stating that I’m the same as everyone else, just a little different. Furthermore, I am strangely different than anyone I know in my family. My my life is different than theirs, so logic would dictate that I should drive something different, right? I like my cars like I like my… let’s just say the 7 series is my preference. I don’t know anyone who owns one, I’ve never sat in one, and I couldn’t tell you what one smells like, or much about one except how amazing they look and sound. Oh, I can tell you one more thing….I will own one. Picture me rolling. But not just me. I’m going to pick up Marshall “Heck Yeah Byers.” Of course I will pick him up from Monroe. I’m going to pick him up from that Chevron in Monroe. You know the one that’s right there by that one place where they keep the bad people. I don’t know much about Monroe and I don’t want to get lost so I’ll tell him to meet me there 🙂

I’m going to obviously be heard from around the block! When I pull up, he will be trying to put that damn dirt bike in the trunk! Not gonna happen, sorry buddy scratch that. He’s gonna drop that thing off, and when he does we will then begin on our way to pick up Ruth, aka Ruth B.G. She will obviously be at the salon. Yes the one the one i cannot seem to find. When I eventually find the place, which is somewhere across the water deep in Bremerton, and yes I’m 709 aka out of bounds. But anyways we will then begin on our journey to the city that raised me, Seattle. While we are on the way, I can hear Ruth yelling “turn the music down!” Uh uh. Me and “Heck Yeah” are tripping. The music is deafening. We’re going to the top! The top of the Columbia Tower. I don’t know how to get cleared to get up there, but we are going to get up there. We are going to make it from the confines of a prison closet, to the tallest building in Seattle. Ladies and gentlemen were not dreaming. Dreams don’t have end dates. We will accomplish this goal. It has a completion date of 31 December 2023. We’ll all be out by then and headed up, to the top of the tower and the top of life. We dream but we turn dreams into goals with completion dates.

I’m asking everyone. Set a goal that scares you see it through. We all can do it. Venture to do something new. Make it real and write it, post it. I look forward to reading some. My warm regards.

It means what it means:

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