Defy Ventures Saves Christmas    by   Marshall Byers

Thank you Santa Leo, Rachel and Candice for bringing Holiday magic into prison on Christmas night. You guys set the bar super high tonight. I walked back to my living unit feeling fascinated, enchanted, vibrant, full of exhilaration and tickled having had so much fun. Defy Ventures is a definite game changer.

I woke up this Christmas morning feeling thankful, peaceful, restored and cheerful, because I’m celebrating my 41st Christmas, and I only have one more to go till I walk out these front doors. Heck Yeah! I also felt happy and very excited for our Defy Christmas party to start. This was a new feeling for me on Christmas day, because the last couple of years have been really painful during the Holidays.

Tonight we played sure-aids (sp?), and did a Christmas carol lipsink contest.
I was a willing participant in both of these games…and kicked ass thank you very much. In all my thirteen years of prison time, I have never had so much fun in one night! I even did alittle brake dancing on the dancefloor wearing a santa hat. Yep, that happen. Laughter and love lifted everyone’s spirit. Then we sat around in a giant circle sharing what we are committing to in 2020.

I am truly nourished, restored, inspired and fulfilled. My need for love, play, choice, discovery, support, and freedom were definitely met tonight. Thank you again Defy sponsors, mentors, friends and family for all your continued generosity, love, positive feedback and solidarity.

Cheers to making new memories!
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