The Invisible Talkers–    by    Quinton

People exemplifying remorse remains humane. The people who society refers to as criminals are humane. Anyone who displays love, compassion, or remorse are acting in a humane manner. They are thus displaying humanity. It’s beyond me how many Americans, who subscribe to the American ideals and believe in the American Dream, could then forget about their fellow Americans who have transgressed, learned, changed, and are hoping for second chances. Nonetheless, I am inspired by the humanity I witness on a daily basis from those who currently reside in the same spaces I do. I recently conversed with a guy by the name of Frederick Cuomo who explained to me his goal of opening a restaurant, which will provide the very community he wronged, with delicious food. He wants the community to taste what change truly taste like. What Better way to do so than by using food, which inevitably leads to the heart. Mr. Cuomo’s plan is thorough and he has been diligent in learning the business aspects and the intricacies of the restaurant industry. Why? Why is the operative question here. Well, Mr. Cuomo realizes that the community he wronged is the community that helped him as a child. He wants to assist others who may need a small boost to reach their success, as he grew up underprivileged and realizes the power that helping others can have on people. Take a second to ponder this reality. Cuomo plans on providing hope! A man in prison plans on helping the community he wronged while he remains in an environment that breeds contempt, fosters violence, and does its best to dehumanize people. If there was ever a way to to buck the system, it’s by doing the positive productive work. Work he plans on executing. For context, Mr Cuomo makes $.65 an hour and is considered to be the scum of the earth. Yet, and still, he forges ahead with his goals and his vision. Can you find the humanity in his vision? In his goals? I most certainly can. We are all human and I believe it’s time for us as a community to begin to realize and actualize our potential as a community and understand the profound effect we can and do have on the community at large.

It means what it means:

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