Wrestling With Christianism As LGBTQ People    by    Ruth Utnage

I am a woman with a womans mind and soul, yet, born with a mans body.
I do not believe that this is sinful.
Nor will I ever.

Brothers and sisters, do not condone the misguided misinterpretations of those who simply need an enemy that they can see. LGBTQ people are still regarded as harbingers of sin in a world that is quite literally crumbling around us all because of our collective inequities and blatant disregard for unity, justice, and love. I wrestle with my convictions to maintain and evolve my faith in God despite a community that tells me God will never accept me.

On one hand I am well-versed in God’s eternal and unwavering love, love I am told that is so expansive and illuminating that not one man on Earth can truly comprehend such a vast love. We are to dispassionately believe that the love of God extends to all creation and accept that the love of God, this illuminating love cannot accept a gay man or unite the soul of one human being to another unless they are of opposite sexes. As if a father cannot be soully tied and yoked with his son, as if a mother cannot be bonded spiritually with her daughter, as if a friend cannot be eternally connected to another, as if the bonding yoke of Jonathan and David never existed and still exists today.

Evil hearts have weaponized the Word of Love to command superiority in the substance of things unseen, faith. Brothers and sisters, how can a man speak love from his heart and still practice hatred? How can hatred and love reside in the same space? We have been warned that a house divided cannot stand and we are witnessing the utter division of the Christian people where the belief in one’s inalienable right to hate and to practice intolerance has become a cornerstone of the sacrifice of the worlds eternal Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

Be not, like the divided and evil heart that believes in the tolerance of ones inequities over another. Do not fall into the trap that has been laid centuries ago by the deceptive and evil to turn the Church of our ancestors into a weapon of injustice, hatred, and yes, bigotry. We have desegregated our country only to stand for segregative practices together, united into one blasphemous and derogatory community that is now referred to as modern Christianity.

Remember the commands of Jesus before he sacrificed Himself for all, love your neighbor as yourself and love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and spirit…

Intolerance and unacceptance of the LGBTQ community cannot fulfill these precepts. It is on us, as LGBTQ people to continue to show our worth and value through tolerance and patience of the weak and feeble-minded pastoral representatives of this intolerable modern Christianity. Be not hateful nor conformed to the injustices perpetrated by this segregative breed of man.

Instead, love passionately and patiently.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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