Defy Ventures Washington Brings Chris Majer To Meet Its EIT’s In Prison   by   Ruth Utnage

On December 28th 2019 the author of the book “The Power To Transform”, Chris Majer, came to teach the Defy Ventures Washington Entrepreneurs-In-Training (EIT’s) about Self-Limiting Beliefs and his take on the power of thought. I call this another win for the Defy EIT student body.

So much was packed into a short 60 minute event, but some key takeaways are:

“Your brain is a highly evolved pattern-recognition system” which told us a lot about its ability to work for us and against us, specifically when it comes to negative self-talk or “Self-Limiting Beliefs” and to mitigate these beliefs we must counter these internal thoughts and beliefs with “Self-Freeing Beliefs”.

“Our brains are preoccupied with three points: looking good, staying safe, and being right”, at first I challenged this in my mind but it really does sum up our brains fundamental functions. We want to look attractive and acceptable, we want to be safe and healthy, and we don’t want to be wrong (generally speaking we don’t like walking around spouting wrong information). And if I had any doubts all I had to do was look in the mirror because I was a facilitator for the first part of our class and I wore full make-up so I “looked good”.

“When I do corporate training the first 6-8 weeks is spent on ‘self-help’ stuff because the majority of business growth trouble is the leaderships own Self-Limiting Beliefs”, it’s nice to know that inmates have something in common with society besides our HumanMe-ness, we all have limiting doubts and we can all change our unhealthy thoughts and actions in healthy, productive ones.

My final takeaway was a realization, I am 37 years old and have done some crazy, amazing things and some crazy awful things, but I have never been to a book signing until today. Today was the first time in my life I’ve ever even seen a real book signing, in fact, this was true for nearly everyone in the room and I can’t tell if I am saddened by this revelation or inspired by it. Perhaps a little of both with a whole lot of gratitude mixed in.

Big thanks to Chris Majer and Defy Ventures Washington for providing us with infinitely valuable information and experiences that many of us will remember for a lifetime.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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