My 2020 Visions And How I Plan Them   by   Ruth Utnage

I no longer plan New Years resolutions, instead I do yearly vision boards. Here’s my personal process, do what works for you!

1. On a piece of paper I brainstorm all my goals for 2020, then I filter out the ones I don’t need like a unicorn or a date with Ryan Reynolds and Lady Gaga at the same time (hey, no judging…)

2. Then on the center of another piece of paper (8.5″ x 11″) I write “2020 Goals” and around it I write each one of my goals in random spaces with different colors, sometimes I will draw boxes around a few. A variation of this is to cut out pictures of each thing and fasten them to a poster board, but, I don’t have the ability to hangup a poster board in my cell (against the rules) so I stick to a sheet of paper and hang it by my mirror.

3. Hang your sheet in a space you must view several times a day. Make copies and hang them in several spots, on the wall in front of your toilet, on the refrigerator, in your office, background on your phone. Hang them everywhere.

4. Lastly, talk about them. People are problem solvers and are naturally good, we like to help. You never know who is going to make something happen for you, so share your goals and vision board with others.

Here’s a list of my 2020 Goals (since I cannot take pictures of my vision board, I am in prison)
1. Begin Hormones (approved, waiting for first dose)
2. Complete 2nd cohort of Defy Ventures Washington
3. 2 new visitors on my visitation list
4. 100,000 views for
5. Have logo made and trademarked
6. Create GoFundMe for education and release money
7. Create 5-year goal plans for 10 people
8. Complete SOTAP
9. Read 25 books (non fiction)
(side note, if you send me a book, I’ll read it and post about it!)
10. Conduct 2 45-day experiments that improve my character and write about them in a full report
11. Train new Defy Facilitators from new graduates
12. Be a great friend
13. Get Defy sustainable
14. Create social media accounts for

That’s my list so far, I will probably add stuff for the first 3 months!!!

Have fun and let me know what you do

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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