Who is Jonathan Mera?   part 4 of 4    by  Jonathan Mera

This was the case until 2013 in solitary confinement, when I finally realized that I could educate myself myself and achieve everything I could ever imagined. Since then I began to work hard to achieve my every goal, be a good example to my younger siblings, and contribute to my future community. I have taken and excelled in every self help program offered in prison, I also graduated from Sustainable Horticulture, Building Maintenance, Vocational Carpentry, and most recently from a full stack web development course all from Edmonds community college. I became a T.A. in carpentry class for two years due to my elevated performance. Now I’m on track to receiving my AA degree in Business Management before my release in 2021.

At 27 I was deemed to be “no good” by my gang because I cared more about my future rather than the prison politics, and became a liability rather than an asset, and was targeted for assault. I had sacrificed so much in order to fit in, but I found out that I made the wrong life decision when I was fourteen.

Two years ago I joined Defy Ventures WA. Today I am a peer facilitator in Defy and help other men in prison find their purpose, and plan their future as entrepreneurs or just contributing member of their communities. I stand here today believing that I am a man with integrity who is honest, motivated, and focused. I will continue to better myself and work hard everyday to accomplish my dream, and hopefully inspire you to go after yours, no matter what obstacles are in our way, how much people doubt us, or how big the odds are stacked against us, we can DEFY THE ODDS! We just have to HUSTLE HARDER!!

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