Jonathan Mera’s Hunger For Education  part 1 of 3 by    Jonathan Mera

Education is limited when you’re incarcerated, so I try to take advantage of every class I can while I serve my sentence. Reforming myself, because if I don’t do it then I will just be warehoused then released without any reform, and the same or worse habits I came in with.

My battle to educate myself was in full effect this last month. I wanted to get into a business management class that I need to take in order to achieve my associates degree. I have been waiting on the “referral list” since May 2018. I didn’t just sit here waiting the whole time though, in the mean while I took a full stack web development course and became a certified web developer. The business management class started again on January 6th, and once again I didn’t get accepted. Why? I’m not sure, but what I do know is that people were accepted who didn’t even want to be in the class, nor cared about it, or even took it serious.


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