Life as it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!   by   Quinton

Well, well, well 🙂 I’m just lying in this single man that has been afforded me due to my, I guess, good behavior. Its wonderful given the circumstances. But, as I lie here on this metal bunk with this supposed, I don’t know, three inch mattress that is now a half an inch, I think of all the situations I’ve been through in life and how they’ve affected me and how I now operate now because of said situations. I’ve had life experiences like everybody has had, some good some horrible, but at sunrise I realize that everyone has a story. If people wanted to, they could feel sorry for someone everyday. I don’t want people to feel sorry for me because I’m doing great. I’m more happy than I’ve ever been in my life. I have direction, confidence, understanding, wisdom, and so many more wonderful things in my life. Oh and my 131 month sentence is down to a mere couple of months. Just as important is that I have children to tend to and I have success to lie with and snuggle up to. I have a life to live that I never had before. I look forward to the life outside of here that looms.

The fact of the matter is people always talk about what they don’t got and what the wish they had or how their life has been so horrible. Check me out, I’m here living in this closet while so many “loved ones” have seemingly forgotten about me. My life has been less than sub-par and yet I remain a quixotic fellow. Perspective taking is wonderful if you can see the positive through all of the negativity. Life is short and its not always sweet, but its been sweet to me because that’s the perspective I witness.

Take some time today to truly see how wonderful you have it. Can you walk on your own, talk, see, eat, run, jump, smell, hug, kiss, hold someone, read? If you can or can’t, you are a wonderful human being and you have something to be happy and excited about. Write or call somebody and tell them that you love them because life is great, enjoy it.

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