Jonathan Mera’s Hunger For Education   part 2 of 3    by   Jonathan Mera

I was angry, sad, disappointed, and discouraged. Until I reminded myself that if I didn’t fight to get into this class and just gave up, these habits might follow me to the community upon my release. So I started hustling and pulling all my very limited resources together and came up with a game plan. I was gonna bother everyone, and anyone I could until I was accepted into the class. I sent multiple “kites” to about 8 different people expressing my desire to get into the class. I asked my councilor to send e-mails to the education dean, I reached out to my friend Victor who recently released, and is continuing his education. Victor reached out to his instructor and she also sent an e-mail. I also reached out to Leo, CEO of Defy Ventures WA. and it just happened that he had a meeting set up with the education dean also!! The last two things I did was continue to send “kites”, and talk to the rest of the inmate population who ever had anything to do with the class. They helped get my name around the dean who had already heard my name form multiple people and e-mails, and the instructor.
Finally to my surprise on January 6th I was unexpectedly called to the education building! When I showed up the instructor of the business management class was waiting to greet me, and then asked me if I was intrested to be in her class! I instantly felt joy. I responded with a very excited “yes”. Then she communicated with me that she didn’t know why I was not in the class to begin with. I had all the requirements, and had taken multiple classes with Edmonds Community College. I was so stoked! I told her how thankful I was for the opportunity, and promised to excel in her class.

By Jonathan Mera #328554

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