Jonathan Mera’s Struggle For Education  part 3 of 3  by    Jonathan Mera

Today I’m glad I had to fight, and go through this struggle of the past few weeks. I’m happy that I am going to be able to get my Associates degree before my release, that I won’t just be warehoused in prison, and that I will not give up when things get difficult or don’t go as planned. If I can start instilling these good habits now, they will make me a better man, and neighbor to you one day.

Life gets hard for all of us and sometimes we want to take the easy way out and quit. We feel like we’ve hit rock bottom and lose all hope. But all we have to do is get back up, and work hard. We as humans think rock bottom is the worse thing that can happen to us, but today I believe rock bottom is a great foundation to build a new life on. Good luck, and happy days.

By Jonathan Mera #328554

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