Synergism…    by   Rory Andes

“…the simultaneous action of separate agencies which, together, have a greater total effect than the sum of their individual effects…”
– Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 5th Edition

It’s been weeks since I’ve had great conversations with a collection of my dearest friends here and it’s wearing on my sense of creativity and my writing. Clearly, I’m not putting great thoughts into the universe as of late. I thought perhaps it was a slump, a bought of depression, and perhaps it is. As high functioning people confined to limited interactions in a place of limited opportunity, being able to “get together over coffee” isn’t something we can do much of. But tonight, I sat with Ryan, Ruth, Marshall and our new writer, Juan, and we chatted about projects we all have in the fire. I felt the room electrify, come alive and I felt inspired to type.

Listening to Marshall start to detail his release plan and Juan ask about new writing techniques, Ruth talk about goal planning and Ryan coach on business concepts, our collective conversation made for a quick hour. As I walked back to my unit, it occurred to me… I want to do this more often with them in a place far from here, because I missed my friends. I get visits from my free world friends and they feel wonderful after wards because in that space, we have free reign to talk about whatever we want and enjoy the conversation. I see Ruth everyday at work, but it’s work, not social time. And the same holds true for the rest. We always see each other for business purposes. There is no coffee shop or book store to collect our magical conversations in.

We all dream big and we are all capable of brilliant lives, but to be able to share all of this combined hope in one space freely and openly is the fuel I needed to put this human connection in writing and tell YOU about it. This group of writers all share more than just this space for your reading pleasure. We share the same drive and convictions to better lives and we can have collaborative thinking. The synergy of each independent person on the whole of our friendships is the magic I always want to share with you.

We may be in prison, but we are the champions of our own destinies and dreamers of our own futures and together, we hype each other up to do great things! I needed tonight more than I knew and I value these people so much because of the glorious things they have to offer. I tell you what… set a goal, write a little, plan a little, read a little, discuss a lot and I’m sure your life can be this good. And when you do some of these things, you connect to more of the right people. People who create a synergism toward a greater community, just like the one that I have here, with my prison friends…

by Rory Andes

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