Soul Scarring     by   Ruth Utnage

I wonder if my soul is scarred. I’m reading a book by Martin Luther King Jr. titled “Strength To Love” and he mentions a phrase involving scarred souls in a chapter titled “Love Your Enemies”. I made myself an enemy. I also have enemies which I must love, myself being one.

I am taking a treatment program with a therapist and I am consistently being challenged emotionally. My intellect has no place in that program, it does me no good. Instead I must look at myself in a different light, one of curiosity and love. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. brings an interesting point to my attention Patna curios time in my life, have I scarred my soul and will God accept it back when it is returned or will it be rejected as ‘damaged’ and unrecognizable?

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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To contact me you must be willing to accept a trans woman, in prison for a sex offense, who has two spouses already: Washington State Department of Corrections and a career. You have to be human enough to look beyond any of those things, beyond yourself, beyond what your friends will think into the very heart we both possess.

You must be a humanist…

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