Overachiever, or Raising my standards?   part 1 of 2    by   Jonathan Mera

It has has been snowing here in Monroe WA. for the past week. Which means that school was cancelled during that week, and the same thing happened to my Business Communication class here at the prison. I don’t believe that I have done anything special during this break. I just continued to follow the curriculum we were given on day one. I have done all of the homework assignments, and I will be ready for class when we finally go back. To me this is now a norm.

The strange thing is that I’ve been called an overachiever, and a couple of other names by both people in here, and people out in there in the community. Some seemed proud of me, and other were making fun of me. I don’t mind it at all, but this brought up a question in my mind. Em I an overachiever, or did I just raised my standards?


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