Reentry and Education Funds    by    Ruth Utnage

I’m exploring a GoFundMe account right now so that I can have some reentry money to buy the things I’ll need. Reentry back into society after over a decade in prison isn’t scary, but I know its expensive. I’ll release with about $250 – $300 dollars, that will barely get me my drivers license, let alone an outfit for job interviews or enough food to last until my first paycheck, assuming I find employment right away.

I have plans for plans and back up plans for those, but plans rarely withstand the test of reality and one thing I know for sure I’m going to need is enough money to buy basic stuff. It would be nice to pay debts and release debt-free, make sure I have college tuition, etc.

I’m concerned about these things, my transition both into the free world and my transition to female are both things that weigh heavy on me because of the financial burden. Working in prison only nets about $360/year, that’s the years your able to work and in that time your charged for hygiene items like toothpaste and soap, medical appointments etc. Its hard to save release money, my tax rate on my income is 70%, %75 if it comes from a family member or friend. It used to be 95%, which is why I haven’t been able to save, I made $10/month for 5 years which went directly to hygiene items.

I know I got myself here, bad choices and irresponsibility before prison. But now I need help and its not easy to ask for financial help, yet I need it to gain some equal footing and get myself self sufficient. I will’ do it on my own if I have to, but it sure would solve some problems if I got help.

Any ideas for starting a GoFundMe account or ?????

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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