January, Twenty-Fourth…    by   Rory Andes

This is one of the heaviest days I ever have to deal with. I wish I could tell the world why, but I simply can’t. I hold my pain and stay silent, but my pain is irrelevant in comparison. I’ve been in prison for the better end of a decade and as each year ticks by, January 24 sears again and again in my brain, my soul. I buried someone, but the ghost never dies.

This day represents the beginning of a human being that haunts me. A person so perfect and priceless, I can’t begin to explain how powerful I saw this ghost becoming. A person beyond words. It also represents my failures. A failure to cope, a failure to hope, a failure to rise above, a failure to get a grip. There’s a ghost who might be sitting in a bar celebrating with friends today. I hope this ghost no longer hurts in brutal ways. I pray this ghost stays away from the things that only mask pains, because I hope healing would be better. But no longer can my hopes matter. For the ghost I can’t shake today, I plead with God that love has discovered you in beautiful ways. Specifically from within…

by Rory Andes

You matter. Remember that.

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