Time To Be Thankful     by    Ruth Utnage

I just wanted to take a moment and spread some super good vibes into the universe. I have been feeling positive vibes for a little bit now and feel it’s a good thing to just say “Universe, thanks.”

In my treatment program I had to write my autobiography focusing on things that may have helped shaped why I did my crime, it really took a lot out of me emotionally and today I presented a portion of it, it’s tough to be that vulnerable because in retrospect some of my life was not pleasant, or easy. In fact, I hate speaking about it. But it felt good to get it out.

Thanks Universe for the space to heal, be real, unload a little of my burden.

And you, readers, thanks for reading our hearts, because we are definitely sharing them with you, Thanks for being part of our healing process and allowing us the space to heal.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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