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I’m making progress with my math studies, it sure does help having a tutor that just made history. He is the first prisoner in the world to have made math, and to have it published. Web Development is VERY difficult, it brings out the quit in me. Ugh. Continuously seeking resources about the University of Washington, preparation for my departure out of prison.

I most enjoy making quilts on the weekend with my support group. Attending library weekly. Working out regularly, running in the snow was fun and freezing! Defy Ventures Washington twice a week working at entrepreneurship/self development. Let’s not forget Yoga/meditation. Love it. And with the little time after my homework is done, I spend it with the puppies.

Saturday morning 1/18/20 was a sad day. It was my last UW Book Club. Walking up to Professor Steve and the UW students I fought back tears. It was a difficult decision. However, I was so happy to see the UW librarian I felt all better! Hi Emily.

Enjoying My Life,
Marshall Byers

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