Involvement Leads to Real Change…    by    Rory Andes

“Real change happens when you know why you matter.” and “You matter by being invited to the table.” These are just a fraction of the concepts we discussed last night in our leadership development class that we have with Bridges to HOPE and our friends at the University of Washington, professors Sylvia and Maxine. They teach educators how to be effective teachers and the ideas they bring in to us are groundbreaking for some who have never known how to lead their adult life to success. Breaking the barriers to personal, and then community, success starts with being involved and knowing why that involvement means something to the greater good.

Change can happen when it is clear that the change, and the person, matters. People who have fallen down the long hole to prison struggle to find their purpose. This makes it difficult to make the real changes needed to break the cycles of thought distortions, however they exist. But it doesn’t have to be, if someone could just make their involvement meaningful. Try it. Try to be involved with things, anything, and become invested. Do it in a group setting and motivate each other. Build the synergy and collectively achieve a goal. That’s how we often make changes here. Just by being involved, knowing that our involvement matters, and why that is. Lives change over this. So get involved. And being involved in a program with these amazing folks definitely makes me feel that I matter. Being involved with the people in my life show me that I matter. Time to show others that they matter, too, and how to change. Join me…

by Rory Andes

Belonging and involvement create the changes you want!

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