The Grandparents of ThunderCheeks Will Bring Peace to the World   by    Ruth Utnage

I have this friend, his real name is Mike, named ThunderCheeks. Now, ThunderCheeks got his name because he likes to jog, in sweats, and well…ThunderCheeks, ahem, cheeks caught the attention of an obnoxious tranny and began making thunder noises when he’d run by. Then she told his buddies that she named him ThunderCheeks, the name stuck. what really delights my heart about this is he’s a shaved head, goatee’d white guy with a background in prison violence, now he’s a Buddhist who has been named ThunderCheeks by a tranny because she said his backside looked like two ostrich eggs jigglin’ in a gunny sack, that’s just funny.

Anyway, so me and ole’ ThunderCheeks were talking about his grandparents and he mentioned that his Grandma thinks that every problem can be solved with a fresh baked cookie and a warm hug. Then he went on say that his Grandpa thinks that every problem can be solved with a shotgun. Lol. So we got to thinkin’ about making them responsible for world peace.

Grandma will give all the people fresh baked cookies and warm hugs, that should solve all the major problems, dictators included, and if it don’t work, well, that’s why we got Grandpa. Lol.

I love people!

With Love
Ruth Utnage