Hidden Bias    by    Ruth Utnage

I was in a class full of men, being led by two women. One woman told a personal story about how an educator of one of her children made a vital mistake with her child, she should know she holds a PH.D in educating educators, she knows firsthand what’s good and bad teaching. I made the comment to the group, caught up in the story “your the precise wrong parent to make that kind of mistake with”.

It was said jovially and with some seriousness, if all the people…but then I was at work and one of the men in that group began to talk to me about how he was at this class with me and he began to recount the story of the teacher and the teacher of teacher and how “someone” pointed out that she was the wrong parent to make that kind of mistake with.

In moments like that, what good does it do me to point out that the “someone” was me. That’s not what bothers me, piss on credit, it’s nice but not in this context. What bothers me is that in a room of 9 people what I had to say was important enough to quote, but the source of the quote from just 48 hours prior is of no recollection. He would not have made that mistake with someone he respected at all.

Hidden bias.

Hidden bias hurts.

Hidden bias hurts people.

Hidden bias hurt me.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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