Bangin’ On The Fancy Restaurant Window: Hello! Throw Me Some Scraps!!!     by    Ruth Utnage

I came to prison with my GED in 2011. Now I have:
High School Diploma
Associates Technical Arts
Certificate Full Stack Web Development
Certificate Small Business Entrepreneurship
Certificate Small Business Development

Along with many, many cognitive behavioral therapy programs and speaking awards.

I am proud of these, most rewarding of all is my High School Diploma, I never thought I’d get that chance again. Now I face a beautiful problem, I’ve run out of courses to take in prison. The sense of accomplishment this produces is immense, but I’m starving for more. It’s like I’ve been starving my whole life and then someone gave me an appetizer from a gourmet restaurant and now here I am looking in the window at everyone eating! Throw me some scraps people!! That’s what I’m yelling as I bang on the window. I’m starving and I’m starving for education.

I need books, tests, and academic papers! I need someone to pay for correspondence courses so I can get work on my BABA before I get out so that when I get out I can focus on my MBA. But, hey, I’ll take anything I can get! A gofundme page? Book? A JSTOR package…whatever.

Help a girl out.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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