Why Do Some TV Preachers Look So Angry?     by   Ruth Utnage

I was changing channels (not sure if free people still do that, this is where you press a button called ‘Channel Up’ or ‘Channel Down’ on this old thing called a ‘Television’ and it responds by changing the picture or ‘channel’ on this old thing called ‘cable’…hahaha, I’m so proud of myself) this morning from HSN to Q13 news and in between those was some preacher channel, and boy did he look angry.

He looked so angry it made me wonder why anyone would want to associate a “loving” deity with such and angry message?

Not half as bad as the kind who gently urges you to donate to feed the homeless with your abundant pennies while they broadcast from the den of their mansion and the last scene we get to feast our eyes on is the back end of a Bentley as the show comes to a graceful ending.

TV Evangelists, representing the true nature of Christ or perverting it?

You can’t see it but my resting bliss face is squarely on.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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