Perhaps You Don’t Understand     by    Marshall Byers

Have you ever had human shit and piss thrown on you? I have. Let me take you back to May 5th, 2007. After I assaulted the Aryan family gang leader inside Walla Walla, Washington State Penitentiary, I became the # 1 enemy of the entire institution.

Part of my radical transformation came from, becoming a victim. Maybe I deserved it, but you, including my family have never learned the depth of torture I endured till this very moment.

Every single day for months, grown men would come to my cell door and throw their shit mixed with piss on me, over and over and over. Day after day they would scream their going to kill and rape me while kicking my cell door. They continually asked me how their shit and piss tasted.

I just sat there and cried, hopeless, and shaking from extraordinary fear waiting to be raped and killed.

Present day-

Endurance, true love, courage and hope became my best friends. I’m a survivor, and in that, I’ve been dreaming of the day I get to walk out these prison doors and ride a dirt bike again. I’m incredibly passionate about dirt bikes, that’s all my son and I talk about. I’m determined to own a dirt bike. A Yamaha YZ450 F to be exact.

Braving this wilderness has ultimately proven my love for life. Dirt bikes bring meaning and purpose to my life. It represents healing, freedom, movement, faith, beauty, wonder, belonging, self-expression, celebration of life and choice. This journey is almost over. A new one will START next year…that is the Yamaha YZ450F!

Cultivating Peace With Vulnerability,
by Marshall Byers








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