When is it too late?    by    Jonathan Mera

It’s never too late! Over these past few weeks I’ve been extremely busy with my classes. During this time a huge tragedy happen, Kobe Bryant died in a terrible helicopter crash on his way to watch his daughters basketball team play, which he coached! This man was arguably the best basketball player there ever was, and at sometimes seemed super human, but he was not. He was just like you and I. Was he famous? Yeah. Rich? Yes. But he also made mistakes just like you and I. The amazing part about this man was his desire to be a better basketball player everyday, but more importantly a better human. He had what he called “The Mamba Mentality”, a mindset of never giving up on himself or his love one’s! 

He fought hard to come back from injuries, scandals, allegations, and disputes with team mates, to become an example to all, he became not only the greatest basketball player their was, but also an academy award winner, a great husband, a successful business owner, a mentor, and a extraordinary father. He gave me hope that if I work hard enough, I can archive my every goal, just like you! If you are not a basketball fan, I encourage you to look into this man. He was much more than just basketball super star. RIP Kobe “Bean” Bryant.

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