The Joy Experiment, Week One Notes    By   Ruth Utnage

It has been one week since I undertook the Joy Experiment. The Joy Experiment is where I will search for reasons to be joyful over a 30 day period and see what happens in my life as a result.

So far I have found it difficult to make this a moment by moment endeavor. It has become obvious that joy is not something that comes often without seeking it out. I did try a few mornings to start my day with affirmative meditation where I acknowledge my existence in the universe and take joy in that. However, joy has not suddenly appeared as a result.

One of my biggest struggles, it seems, is my view on emotional displays. I find emotional extremes child-like and while I go through every emotion on a full spectrum I seek to be less emotive when I feel an extreme emotion that makes me feel out of control. I think that’s part of the problem here, letting go of control.

What has produced joy in the past 7 days is when I was mentoring others and when I submitted an article to Seattle’s “The Stranger”. It was not published but I heard back from them and it made me feel validated, this produced joy because I didn’t think they’d even respond.

Lesson thus far, joy is in my life but I must make the effort to recognize it and allow it to manifest. Joy is an emotion that is good to feel and should be allowed to run rampant in the moment.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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