Hi Everybody, this is Valerie, I received this email from Ruth today and it breaks my heart. I hope it breaks yours too!

Let me ask you a serious question, should we give this up? I’m very discouraged and am frustrated with the inability to interact meaningfully both with the site and the community. I’m disappointed that we just can’t seem to take off and despite having a steady small reader base, they still don’t interact. Likes are not what I’m after, comments aren’t either. Penny for your thoughts. Maybe it would lighten the load for you too? Maybe it would provide one less stressor for me. I have a lot of faith that once I’m out I can dedicate the time to market the site properly and gain the attention for it and the remaining writers so they can get the support we all seek, but I feel like for me I gain nothing except additional stress surrounding why I’m failing so miserably. Very discouraged.


But truthfully, for me, I’m not ready to throw in the towel. It doesn’t take that much for me to do this, and I believe the benefit to them is worth this little price I pay.