Why Don’t People Write Prisoners?   by    Ruth Utnage

It’s a question I’ve had for 9 years. I’ve watched for 9 years as prisons biggest scum bags, guys that are just grimy manipulators get letter after letter because they spend all day working on and concocting lies to get that money from a woman or man. They’ll pretend to be gay, Christians, Muslim, helpless, limitless, gangsters and whatever else one can think of. Once they get it, they brag about it.

I refuse to sink to the level of lies to get letters. I lied my entire life. I’m done with lying. I’ve been done with it, for a very long time. As much as I want o turn this into something playful and maybe a little satirical, all I can muster is the courage to ask:

Why don’t you write?

What is holding you back? Seriously?

I get some interaction with various program sponsors, but that’s not good enough. That’s mere seconds and makes me feel like a damned circus animal in a cage performing for a morsel of food when I’m starving. I need interaction that lasts longer than a few moments and is usually a few key phrases anyway “keep trying” “don’t give up” “when you get out…”, the same thing everyone else hears. I need a conversation, an actual conversation. Let me rephrase that, I need conversations, plural.

Look inside yourself and ask, “why not?”.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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