A System of Oppression…    by   Rory Andes

…is far more insidious when you encourage that it oppresses the people that fund it.

A few days ago, two NYPD officers were shot in the performance of their duties. Make no mistake, I and most of the people I know both in and out of prison, find actions of violence towards anyone reprehensible, much less toward police officers. The keys to civilized communities are the enforcement of laws. Additionally, no person who decides on a career of service to their community should be fearful for their life for it and should have an expectation of safety as they conduct their duties. Period.

That should extend to a municipality’s citizens as well. ALL OF THEM. I heard something on the news that deeply troubled me. It was a NYPD union representative attacking Mayor Bill deBlasio on his enforcement of policy and how it negatively impacts law enforcement as an agency. While I wouldn’t be supportive of most of deBlasio’s liberal policies either, I can’t fathom why this union rep would stoop to degrade the people with criminal backgrounds and shamed the mayor for defending the “one percent” as he put it. Shouldn’t everyone get a fair shake against oppression? Even ones with difficult backgrounds who pay taxes?

He did it on social media on behalf of the police, as a tax funded agency. As Joe Citizen, please feel free to have an opinion. As a private American, know it, voice it, vote it. That’s what vets like me (and my colleagues that both served and died) have defended since our country’s inception. But, when a tax funded government agency makes a point to broadly target it’s own citizens, most of whom are at the bottom of today’s caste system, that wreaks of a system run afoul.

My heart breaks with every occurrence of the nation’s protectors who are harmed doing their jobs, often their passions, like police, firefighters, and military. But there is no way retribution and oppression should be enacted on citizens. Even if the citizen did the harm, they deserve a chance with due process, humanity, and redemption. Wash, rinse, repeat if needed. Ok NYPD, please be frustrated with policymakers and the mayor. I agree. But damn it, don’t take it out on the New Yorkers who, like me, have worked like hell to overcome and correct the errors in our pasts and became more than a record.

by Rory Andes

Don’t make citizens pay you to hate them. Just see them as people….

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