Learning To Dream Again    by   Ruth Utnage

It’s my most recent adventure, learning to dream again. It’s the lesson I teach about most frequently, daring to dream. It seems taboo to hope. Funny, as kids we did it recklessly, be whoever we wanted and without shame. I wanted to get back to that mind frame, endless possibilities again.

It first struck me like lightning in 2017 when a professor with Edmonds College, Ms. McKay, opened my eyes to possibility. All, she said was I was intelligent and she said it in a way that made me believe she believed it. That night I went home and had a full on panic attack in my bed where I shook under my covers all night because that opened my eyes to a whole world again, it was both awe inspiring and terrifying… sensory overload. But I haven’t looked back and sent myself right into orbit with a direction, perseverance, and tenacity. Now I teach others how to do it and delight in watching them finally realize, they’re worth it.

I have lit a torch and stood on a hill and now my peers have expected to stand in the light I shine, instead I surprise them by lighting their torches and standing next to them. Pretty soon we’ll illuminate this place so brightly the whole world will see it and wonder, what is it about this prison?

We’ve learned to dream again, against all odds, we dream.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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