Untouched…   by   Rory Andes

“Rebecca Frasure hasn’t been touched in 3 weeks of quarantine and it’s affecting her.” – News media outlet

Rebecca Frasure was in quarantine because of the planet’s new scourge, the Corona Virus. At the time I heard the news story, she had been without the connection of her husband for three weeks. My heart, as well as many others worldwide, breaks for her for that. She didn’t ask for it. It was simply a protocol for protection. Sounds awful, though. What if she were a prisoner? Would it be more acceptable to be untouched for three weeks? How about three years? Three decades? Would it still be acceptable if you agreed with three weeks? I say this because it happens all over America, all the time.

Incarcerated people are segregated from society for all the right intentions. However, broken people don’t repair if they don’t have tools to repair. The most important connection to heal is other people. People to support, encourage, connect, educate, empower. The studies are in about what solitary confinement does to human beings that are incarcerated, but it doesn’t stop with solitary. I know hundreds of people that haven’t been hugged or touched in years. It further disconnects them from their humanity. Ever hear the stories of feral children in Russian orphanages? They haven’t been touched. People in prison often come from abusive homes. The punishment? No further connection. And then the expectation is that they perform in society as if nothing happened.

If you know someone in prison, visit them. Hug them, if it’s possible. Connect to their humanity through your hands. For the victims of the Corona Virus, I hope their personal hell ends soon and their families can embrace them. The same hope holds true for the millions of incarcerated people who’ve been untouched….

by Rory Andes

There is power in an embrace. If you can, do it….

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