How?…      by    Rory Andes

How did we get this broken?
How do we get back to communicating again?
How can I get you to understand me?
How do I get you see me as a person?
How can I make it right enough to be friends?
How did we go this long interrupted?
How will we ever be better for her?
How is she growing?
How can I be the dad she wants me to be?
How does she think, feel and believe?
How come this prison makes me not human enough to matter for you?
How do I hope in the dark?
How will I make it?
How can I cope?
How am I gonna make her proud?
How can I make it right?
How was I foolish enough to ask?

Maybe we won’t talk. Maybe she won’t know me. Maybe she won’t care. Maybe you don’t either. Maybe asking you was a bad idea. But I had to try. I may be in prison, but I still love her and I’ll never stop hoping for a brighter day with my daughter.

by Rory Andes

The edge of the cliff is right there. Please God, catch me if I fall….

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