Census Data, Race Designations and Trans People as Morbidities    by     Ruth Utnage

I listened to a peer give a speech this weekend where he outlined that race is a social construct, not a scientific construct. That its sole purpose is to divide. I would add that while someone declares a race equality cannot exist, the reason behind race declaration is to separate, it cannot unite.

While he spoke about this as a novel idea to a bunch of inmates who already agree with him and many agreed that when the census comes thus year they will designate their race as “Other” and next to it write “Human”, because we are the human race, he in the same speech tore down the trans population. Race is a social construct to be destroyed, just like trans people.

He argued that science declares two genders with clearly definable anatomical designations that the trans population perverts. Wow…

I am a woman, granted a trans woman but I am a woman nonetheless. When I hear arguments such as his I kind of chuckle, preaching equality so long as it matches someone’s latest educational fad. I’m reading Paulo Freire at the moment and desperately want American political party revolution as a result, but I am not preaching about it because I understand I am learning, interacting with theoretical concepts, concepts that define peoples entire lives in some cases, that should not be vagrantly tossed about unless a well-defined theory can be alternated that holds as much educational veracity.

What I do love is that while an argument is presented with a clear bias that all people are equal, unless they don’t match their scientific sex designation, at least we have the opportunity to debate with vitality and with safety. It’s hard to say I’m a scientific abomination when you sit in the same audience I was just sitting and I get up and speak truth into your life.

I will say this, it’s progress.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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