Gambling For “Beyonce’s”? What?    by   Ruth Utnage

I work in prison laundry and the other day these two younger guys came rushing up to my coworkers excitedly asking about the lyrics to an older pop song. Then they proclaimed “We’re betting Beyonce’s!”

At this point I had to stop what I was doing, I love me some Beyonce and here are these two guys doing some crazy nonsense with her brand. So I asked them “What’s a Beyonce?”.

“You ain’t never heard of a Beyonce?” one replied, a smile stretching across his face.


The man proceeded to look around, to see if anyone who would get him in trouble was watching, proceeded to bend over, grab his calf’s, and spin his booty in circles.

Now, I have seen some funny stuff over my sentence, but there ain’t nothing funnier than watching a former gang member do a dance move that involves grabbing his ankles.

Betting Beyonce’s…oh boy.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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