Q and A: How Do Prisoners Stay Up On Current Events? Or Do We?    by     Ruth Utnage

I was recently asked several questions about prisoner life in general, things like “Are you (prisoners) aware of current events? How?”.

In short, yes. We have something called a dayroom, which is a common area much like a “living room”, in it there is a TV that allows those without their own TV’s to watch things like news, sporting events, and basic cable. Then, we are allowed to purchase small radio’s, a television ($240 for a 15″), and these things called Jp5 tablets that have FM radio.

Interestingly, the inmates I associate and I debate current events frequently. We discuss politics, societal ideology, we understand new and reformed legislation and monitor who is producing what and who is blocking what. We influence our friends and families outside of prison to vote in a way that reflects our common interests (meaning, as a community).

We track stocks and world policy. We cry when someone gets hurt on the news, laugh when something funny comes up.

Yeah, we stay up on current events.

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Ruth Utnage

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