Ruthie’s Travels    by    Ruth Utnage

With all this time on my hands I have plenty of time to imagine. Our world in prison has been turned upside down, along with the rest of the planets, and I find myself looking for ways to keep my mind healthy and fresh. So…trips it is.

This morning I took a walk by this wonderful pond. The surrounding grass has a thick moss base that is bright green and soft. I took off my shoes and walked through it barefoot for the first time in over a decade leaving my footprints in the springy material. The sun is up high and just a touch hotter than normal, clear blue skies with a few wispy clouds slowly materializing into designs only clouds and smoke can make.

This pond has a bridge over it, arched and spanning the center of the pond, made of stained oak. Cattails line the edge of the water, which is so smooth it looks like black glass with small trout on the other side. I can stand in the center of the bridge and look down to the pond bottom and see the algae being disturbed by passing fish, I think I see someone’s pennies, wishes of those in need of a miracle I suppose.

I spot a duck couple on the other side of the lake, the male ever so slightly in front, for now. It makes me think of me sitting with a partner on the front porch of a country estate over looking the rolling plains of the Midwest, where you can almost see the curve of the earth. A slight breeze comes along and brings me back to reality and with it the smell of earth and lavender. I close my eyes and find a spot in the soft grass to sink into the impossibly soft ground and let it absorb me into its comfort.

Yeah…good trip.

Where would you go?

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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