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“Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.” – Rob, Defy Ventures Washington

As Rob was talking about this, it was used primarily in the business context. It’s a great statement for the topic, but it’s a great statement for a lot of life’s topics. I hear stuff like this all the time and while some I imprint into my brain verbatim, some of these nuggets of wisdom sit in my mind in their generalities. Another favorite of mine, “A setback ain’t nothing but a setup for a comeback,” is something I heard on Sunday Morning on CBS spoken by Ice Cube during an interview. I heard it a few years ago and it resonates with me. I use that one to move forward after adversity. I also use “You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.” It was sent to me in a photo of an internet meme and I keep the photo tacked to my corkboard. It’s a brilliant nugget for perseverance, because there are some bad days here. Sometimes, there are bad days in life. And I believe in a great life that’s earned.

But one of my favorites came from an interview I saw on Fox News not too long ago by Lou Holtz, former football coach for Notre Dame. He’s quoted as such: “If what you did yesterday looks big to you, you didn’t do much today.” What a great nugget to try harder and be better. He also gave a list of rules to live by…
1. Do the right thing.
2. Do the best you can.
3. Show people that you care.

I really focus my life on numbers one and three in his list. That’s why I live the way I do and write about the things I do. I live this way in here. I care about people. Coach Lou Holtz also said, “These days people say they know their rights and privileges. In my day we said we knew our responsibilities and obligations.” A cautionary statement spoken by a man with a lot of experience, kind of like Rob.

There are a million little (and sometimes giant) nuggets to collect to build your life’s wealth with. And each one adds another level of insight to another one of life’s complexities. But, after all your years on this earth, you only get these nuggets if do one major thing… pay attention. So, pay attention.

by Rory Andes

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