Q and A: What Do Inmates Do For Entertainment?     by    Ruth Utnage

What do inmates do for entertainment? This is a question I received recently that I found interesting to answer. There are many things we do.

I personally do lots of reading and I conduct social experiments. Though over the years I became a very good portrait artist as well. Many people begin a hobby of some sort, drawing, crafting, painting, beading, etc. Crafting is a popular one because the supplies are cheaper, many supplies are sourced from recycling garbage.

Some people play sports and/or watch sports. Some only watch sports, and when I say only, I mean their whole world revolves around sports…very, very disheartening to see. There is a lot of Magic players and D and D players, they spend hours, days even, playing this stuff.

Most have a variety of things. Watch TV, take walks in the yard, work’ play some cards, write letters, craft something, do homework, listen to music…

There is a distinct difference between those who have worked hard to change themselves and those who have not. My theory of 15-70-15 percentages of inmates who rehabilitate, stagnate, and who refuse to rehabilitate, respectively, comes into view here.

I’ll work on writing something more in depth on this soon.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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