Where Do Cages Come From?     by     Ruth Utnage        

I wonder who invented the first cage. Was it to cage a bird? Was it originally a trap-turned-cage?

What kind of thoughts must have gone through someone’s mind to think that a cage was a good thing. Monkeys in cages. Dogs in cages. Birds. Iguanas. Bugs…people.

Why was someone first caged? Who thought of cages for people and did they believe they were doing good or did they know it was bad?


I used to own a dog, his name was Chunk, because he was big. When I came to prison I understood how cruel it is to own something with a heartbeat and how sick you have to be in order to convince yourself that they like it, that they want to be owned.


Prevented from freedom.


Stopped from what they would normally do and trained to do something they would not.

I am not saying for the world to let all it’s pets go. But I know what it feels like to be caged and I hate it.

I will never own that which I cannot create. I will enjoy flowers. I will appreciate nature’s beauty. I will hold land titles. But I will not “own” a pet. Instead, when I need company, I will find another human because somewhere is a human who is desperate for human contact and I will love them.

Just my opinion.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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