Scared…    by    Rory Andes

Last week I wrote “Alone Like Me” and I tried to make the reader feel what I was feeling in that moment…. optimistic in the face of worry. Today, I watched a forklift in NYC carry out bodies from a hospital. A forklift….

I’m scared. Not of the virus (I’ve been in combat and prison, so I know shitty situations can be lethal), but of the idea that if I die because it sweeps through prison like it could, I’m dying stone cold alone. It pisses me off to be scared like this. It pisses me off to know I have left my info for you for two years and I’ve never had ANYONE write. This kind of scared sucks. This kind of alone sucks. Yelling into the canyon and never hearing the echo sucks. I’m screaming now because… I’m scared.

If you read this, say something. Say anything. Say it to me, because I’m scared and I just want to hear about the world from you so I know I’m not alone in this…

by Rory Andes

The media tells me about the horrors of your world. Why not you?…

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